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Homeschooling in Canada

In recent times, an increasing number of Canadian families have turned to homeschooling as a preferred alternative to conventional schooling. This method of education empowers parents to customize their children's learning journeys, focusing on their unique needs and passions. As perceptions of homeschooling shift, a growing wave of families are opting for this route to offer a bespoke educational experience that fosters creativity, enhances critical thinking skills, and instills a lifelong passion for learning. Each province has slightly different rules about homeschooling, we have summarised them below.

Homeschooling in Alberta

Homeschooling families in Alberta must annually notify their local school board or a designated private school of their intent to homeschool. Families can follow the Alberta Program of Study or create a personalized curriculum (Such as using Functional Education). Detailed plans including resources, evaluation methods, activities, and educators must be submitted if creating a custom program. (We can supply plans to assist you in your application - please get in touch) Documentation of the student's work for assessment is required, with the option to participate in provincial tests for grades three, six, and nine. Find more about Alberta homeschooling.

Homeschooling in British Columbia

In British Columbia, homeschoolers have complete autonomy regarding curriculum and assessment, with no specific mandates to follow. Learn more about homeschooling in British Columbia.

Homeschooling in Manitoba

Homeschoolers must submit a Student Notification Form annually, alongside a curriculum outline and progress reports in January and June, covering essential subjects. More details on Manitoba's homeschooling requirements.

Homeschooling in New Brunswick

Submission of an Annual Home Schooling Application form is required, with instruction spanning various subjects and the maintenance of a student work portfolio. Find out more about New Brunswick homeschooling.

Homeschooling in Newfoundland and Labrador

Homeschooling requires completing a Home School Application Form, submitting an annual curriculum plan, and undergoing evaluations. Explore Newfoundland and Labrador homeschooling information.

Homeschooling in Northwest Territories

Families must register their homeschooling intent and have the student's educational progress assessed by designated officials. Learn about Northwest Territories homeschooling.

Homeschooling in Nova Scotia

A Registration Form for Home Schooling must be submitted and re-submitted annually, along with a June progress report. More on homeschooling in Nova Scotia.

Homeschooling in Nunavut

Registration with a local school is needed before beginning homeschooling, followed by educational assessments by the district. Find additional information on Nunavut homeschooling.

Homeschooling in Ontario

No formal submission is needed if the child has not attended school. Otherwise, a notice of intent is required, with no obligations for record-keeping. Discover more about Ontario homeschooling.

Homeschooling in Quebec

Instruction in a broad set of subjects is needed, along with an annual Application Request for Home Schooling and evaluations. Learn more about Quebec homeschooling.

Homeschooling in Prince Edward Island

A notice of intent and educational plan must be submitted to the education minister. Explore PEI homeschooling requirements.

Homeschooling in Saskatchewan

Families must submit a notice of intent and an education plan, with the option for standardized assessments and a requirement for an annual progress report. More information on Saskatchewan homeschooling.

Your homeschooling Partner

No matter where you are in Canada, Functional Education can be a fantastic partner in your homeschooling adventure. We cover all the major subjects including:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Humanities and Social Science (Includes: history, geography, civics and politics)
  5. Arts (Includes: visual arts, dancing and music)
  6. Health and Physical Education
  7. Languages

A more detailed course outline can be found on our courses page here.

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