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5 Star Google reviews!

I found the program to be well done and Fran who leads the classes is very engaging. Most of the materials needed can be found around the house and it isn’t very time consuming but a lot is covered. I found the price to be affordable and would definitely recommend this to those seeking an alternative way to educate their child.

Linda De

No probelms giving Miss Fran and the Functional Education program a 5 out of 5 stars. We've been homeschooling for a few years and I can tell you we've tried many other curriculums out there as well as make our own. The dedication that Miss Fran puts into her teaching and scaffolding is impressive. Our daughter is engaged, excited and can't wait to show us or tell us what she's learned. The program is set up in a way that is simple to use, navigate and understand. Also, the response times to enquiries or issues are addressed almost immediately with a swift answer or resolution. I tell everyone I know about Functional Education to help spread the word. Not enough people know about this amazing program and how it's an absolute game changer. Thank you Miss Fran for your amazing work!!

PT Kilo Victor

My 10 year old daughter and I are new to the homeschooling world this year and are still finding our way around. Been apart of Functional Education has been so wonderful. Fran and Evan have made our homeschooling journey so far a wonderful positive experience, their help and support has been amazing ☺️

Tina Simpson

Thankyou Fran and Functional's been Amazing Thankyou Kowhai has really enjoy it.. engaged and enjoyed on the online calls...

Natasha Tasker

We absolutely love functional education, Fran is amazing!! My 6 year old son is so engaged and focused. We also really like that the classes have a strong Waldorf focus. I can tell that Fran has put a lot of thought and effort into all the classes, we now say "blessing with your fruit snack" all the time. Thank you Fran, I don't think we could have progressed so far with out you.

Adrian Storey

Thank you Fran for creating such an engaging homeschool program! Entering the home school space can be daunting, however the support we received throughout the last year has been incredible, from the extensive MOE exception process to planning our days and having the lessons all laid out - we couldn’t ask for more. Our 11 year old has thoroughly enjoyed his past 12 months - it has been great to witness him enjoy learning! We are so grateful- thank you!

Joe McPhee

Functional Education is amazing. Fran was totally born for this. We have been homeschooling for a few years and my daughter is engaged, and excited to log on to see what she is going to learn each day. For me as a parent it makes homeschooling a breeze, it is just so simple. My daughter manages her own pace and speed. Functional education is simply the best! We feel that our daughter is getting the very best education available!


Such a great platform to engage and our children participated off their chairs. Interactive and a well-rounded approach to home education. A wonderful experience thank you.

Bevan Joyce

My children (11 and 8) have really enjoyed using Functional Education for their home based learning curriculum. We love the range of subjects and the different methods used for learning that engage head, heart and hands. Fran is a great teacher, really makes learning fun, and quickly responds to emails if you/your children need assistance. The website itself is easy to navigate and includes an online parents/learners community for you to share experiences/projects or ask questions in. I would recommend this curriculum, with confidence, to those thinking about signing up. Wether you are just starting your home education journey or have been doing it for a while and want to try something new. In my opinion it is very fairly priced for all that you’re getting.

Sharnae Howell

Can’t recommend Functional Education enough. Having three boys who were excited each day to get their work started with Teacher Fran was really incredible to witness. Especially after years of reluctance going to public school. It’s an incredibly easy program to navigate and adjust to each child’s needs. I also found Fran’s enthusiasm for teaching really came through each lesson and the kids really responded to her genuine warmth and lovely personality even though it’s all pre-recorded lessons. I applaud her ability to have that genuineness come through the screen. Highly recommend Functional Education for anyone and everyone going the homeschool route.

Melissa Kay

The support I got from Functional Education during the MOE exemption process was excellent they provided all the necessary documentation to show my children will be taught ‘as well as’ and ‘as often as’ any school. I love that I can SEE what my children are being taught, I love that Fran is fun, friendly, relatable, knowledgeable, experienced and qualified to teach. I love that all of the daily/monthly lessons/modules are very well planned out, I love the progression of the learning steps and how my children and I can track their progress, I think it’s great they can pause and replay lessons until they pick up what’s being taught, I love that this service has made my life easier when it comes to homeschooling my children and I know they are getting an excellent education as good as any school offers if not better! My daughter said to me Mum Functional Education is COOL so that sums it up for us. We recommend you do the free trial then you can experience what COOL homeschooling looks like.

Melanie Fleming

Functional education really gave us the confidence to go ahead and home school our kids. Great job Francean.

Maima Logo

This was a great program for us when we were homeschooling. Fran is an engaging teacher and my 8 year old loved working through the classes. He especially loved the brain gym sessions, the creative projects and learning to have beautiful handwriting.

Emma Cowan

Both my school age children age 6 and 12 are absolutely loving Functional Education. It is much more tactile and I find my boys are much more engaged in their own learning. .Both children have conditions that make it more difficult to participate well in the public school setting. I cannot recommend enough.

Anna-Maree Kirby

Functional Education is a fantastic resource for home schooling our two daughters. The modules are very well put together, girls enjoy the variety of the lessons and Francean's a fantastic teacher. World Class!

Drew Copestake

Fran program is amazing and keeps our young one captivated. She especially loves story time and craft. Frans techniques have assisted us with establishing great pencil grip, quick arithmetic comprehension as well as giving her a desire to learn. If you are looking at Home Schooling don't walk past this give it a go and see how much the children enjoy it. whakawhetai koe Fran you are amazing and we love every minute of class

Paul Family

Our son attended Waldorf kindy & grade 1. This year we decided to homeschool Ayden, I was a bit overwhelmed with which curriculum as im still learning too Functional education sounded perfect for our family. After months of researching I was drawn to functional education, we signed up for the trial Ayden enjoyed all lessons looking forward to the following day. He loves his lessons and so do I, is a joyful experience. Ayden likes learning with Francine listening to each word, her calm tone & easily understandable guided lesson cover all Aydens learning needs. He will pause go at his own pace extending his music lessons till Aydens is ready to move on. We also have our our daily rhythm & verses learning threw play activities and nature adventures add to his learning journey. Very happy with this curriculum thankyou ☺

Liz Fulton