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What support is available if I choose to homeschool?

Homeschooling or home education is an extremely viable option today.  It is becoming more popular and by Ministry statistics, there are now 41,000 students choosing be educated outside of a standard mainstream classroom environment in New Zealand alone.

With the advent of social media and technology there is a wealth of information available you at your fingertips twenty four hours a day.

  • Facebook groups
  • Home education advisors
  • A multitude of companies offering curriculums and guided programs
  • Homeschool support and/or activity groups
  • Specialist teachers offering art, music, dance and sport classes
  • Books galore, particularly in the library

We are always here in the Functional Education office to answer any questions you may have and to point you in the right direction if you are requiring specific information on a topic.

With home education you have the freedom to pick and choose the style of learning that suits your family.  It pays to do some research first to find out exactly what type of education environment you prefer.  That way, you can narrow down your search for information and tailor it specifically to your needs.

Homeschool the easy way - with Functional Education!

Up to 2 hours of lessons a day, plus hands on activities means you can easily give your child a quality education at home.

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