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How much time does homeschooling take in a day?

Depending on what style of homeschooling you're following, will depend on the amount of hours you dedicate to it each day, week or month.  The age of your children is also a factor as younger children often spend less hours than older children engrossed in their work.

School time is not just measured in the hours spent learning core subjects or completing projects or self-learning topics though. There are a variety of daily activities that are considered to be learning opportunities and therefore count towards your schooling time.

  • Quiet reading or being read to
  • Learning to cook
  • Chores
  • Writing letters to pen pals or emails to family members
  • Instructed lessons – dancing, music and sports
  • Field trips
  • Exercising with the family – hiking and biking
  • Grocery shopping
  • Library visits

At a traditional school you would aim for about four hours per day of classroom activities and up to two hours per day of outdoor or physical based play and activities.  At home, you can easily produce the same amount of output in three hours per day of learning time.  You don’t have the transition and wait time for the instruction or quite the same interruption time to factor in so generally focussing and concentrating is easier.

Time spent researching topics for interest or study can’t be rushed.  There will be days when a child is so absorbed in learning their new topic of interest they just won’t want to stop.  This also goes for the artistic component of learning – it takes time for clay or paint to dry or for knitting to grow, and many a relaxed paced afternoon can be spent dedicated to these more creative subjects even while listening to a favourite audio book in the background.

Some families choose to focus on the daily goal of time spent in learning situations, others balance it out over a week or a month and take extended breaks.  The beauty of educating your children at home is that you can make it work for your schedule and make time for topics as you require it.

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