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A proven teaching method

Our approach takes the best of Waldorf Steiner, Montessori and enquiry teaching methods. Waldorf and Montessori schools have been around for over one hundred years. There are more than 2000 schools world-wide operating in over 200 countries.

These systems are proven to work. They provide a well-researched, well documented educational curriculum suitable for a wide range of learners. Graduates of these learning systems are held in high regard globally for their creativity, academic rigour and their personable approach to working in team environments.

There is an emphasis on active learners, learning with the hands, and through the arts. There is a deep connection to learning on the land and understanding the links between the earth’s resources and humans demand for them. They pride themselves on including whanau (family) in the education process and in creating learning communities.

Functional Education takes the best from the Waldorf and Montessori systems and combines it with the latest in enquiry based modern learning producing an outstanding curriculum without the politics of a traditional schooling environment. This results in both supported, planned and rhythmical learning to ease anxiety and enhance learning, and combines it with learner-centred education to encourage students to go after their passions and delve deeper into their personal areas of interest.

Kids need relationships, not robots.

Functional education is not an on-line repository of videos, with loosely associated video games for children to play. We are teachers, we're available to meet via Skype or Messenger and discuss your specific requirements, and develop a plan to help your child succeed.

We believe that quality education is supported by great parent-teacher relationships, healthy interaction with other children and with the wider community and extended family. It’s not just parents who can play a role in supporting this education, Grandparents and other family members can journey alongside the children, listening to the stories, doing the art together, cooking or whittling.

This is a fun and engaging curriculum that all ages will enjoy.

A virtual classroom - Without the bullies, pressure and anxiety

Imagine a classroom where the students can listen and engage with the teacher, without disruption. Where fun, engaging stories unfold, and activities to follow along with, all align with the curriculum.

Your children will thrive on the rhythm and routine each day, a sequential and ordered approach, to allow fun without anxiety. Learning is 1 to 1 with the teacher. There are no student chat rooms, your child will feel safe in a 100% bully free environment.

Lessons are pre-recorded videos of up to 2hrs teaching time per day, with opportunities for students to pause to complete activities in workbooks, craft, or practice an instrument. Our learning is hands-on, and we use art, music, sculpture, painting, whittling, handwork, cooking, and singing to compliment and reinforce the standard academic subjects.

You’ll also have access to our parents Facebook group, where you’ll discover like-minded parents, ask questions or perhaps organise a meet-up! Your teacher will be also be available in the group throughout the week to answer questions, or give one to one advice.

Students enjoy a complete course of active learning, covering the complete curriculum in a connected way.

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