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Government Allowances for Homeschoolers in New Zealand

Homeschooling can be done on a shoe string or by spending many thousands of dollars a year in activities and multiple curriculums.

Unlike Australia, the government in New Zealand allows a certain amount per student, per year for homeschoolers.

This money is able to be spent on either resources, specialist teachers or training programs to enhance learning. The current rates of assistance in New Zealand are:

- $743 for the first child
- $632 for the second child
- $521 for the third child
- $372 for each one after that

This is paid in two instalments each year.  You'll receive a declaration to be signed every six months stating that you have been in a supervisory role of education, and the money is paid directly to your bank account upon receipt of the declaration. There's some debate over the cost of homeschooling and it varies so wildly from family to family that it's nearly impossible to say what it costs in total.

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