Homeschooling in the UK

In the United Kingdom, it is legal to teach your child at home, either full or part-time. This is called home education (sometimes ‘elective home education’ or ‘home schooling’).

You can get help with home education from your local council, search your local council' website for home education to find out what is available to you. If your child is currently at school, you should tell the school if you plan to educate them at home. The school must accept if you’re taking your child out completely. They can refuse if you want to send your child to school some of the time.

Education quality and curriculum

You must make sure your child receives a full-time education from the age of 5, but legally, you do not have to follow the national curriculum.

Functional Education is similar to the national curriculum and covers all the major subjects including:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Humanities and Social Science (Includes: history, geography, civics and politics)
  5. Arts (Includes: visual arts, dancing and music)
  6. Health and Physical Education
  7. Languages

A more detailed course outline can be found on our courses page here.

If your child has special educational needs (SEN)

If your child has SEN and attends a special school, you’ll need to get the council’s permission to educate them at home. You do not need the council’s permission if your child attends a mainstream school, even if they have an education, health and care (EHC) plan.

More information about your responsibilities

A more complete guide on your responsibilities as a parent planning to homeschool is available on the government website here

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