What's my child's learning style?

There are three general styles of learning that children will fall into. This is based on extensive research on learning styles and multiple intelligences.  Many children will go between these three styles depending on the activity or their confidence in the task they are performing, and some will predominantly only learn via one style.

It is important in the Functional Education classroom that we provide opportunities at every lesson for the child to experience the learning in all three of these styles. 

  1. Visual learners.  These children prefer to spend time absorbing thier learning through pictures and graphics.  They are attracted to bright colours and visual stimulation.
  2. Auditory learners.  These children enjoy hearing people tell stories aloud, listening to their instructions, having music in their day and they enjoy participating in conversations and discussions.
  3. Tactile – kinaesthetic learners.  These children prefer to learn through their hands.  They like to build, create and construct and they like to move around during their lessons.  Their favourite learning is active and hands-on.

Usually children possess qualities for all three of these learning styles and will change as they mature.

Catering to the children’s learning needs is paramount in the Functional Education classroom and here is a sample of how we do just that:


Illustrations, maps and instructions in written form on the black board.

Opportunities to create posters and visual presentations

Colourful cards and graphics for spelling 

Flow charts for project planning


Stories told aloud by the teacher

Rhythm and drama voice activities including poetry and recitation

Opportunities to present work using speech

Daily music lessons and often singing


Lots of manipulatives for hands-on learning

Games, construction and tactile resources for learning

Lab or maths equipment to run experiments and find own answers to questions

Colourful cards for spelling

Opportunities to move around during learning

Brain warm up activities

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